Hannes Höhne
Projektinitiator & Gründer

E-Mail: Hannes@einfach-erden.de

Hannes is a regenerative agriculturalist, industrial engineer for environmental technologies, consultant and project developer for regenerative land use.
Following his studies of economics and engineering he worked several years in water and sanitation projects, financial management advisory and anticorruption projects in South- and East-Africa. This is where he started to develop deep interest for holistic approaches to regenerative land use. After his return to Germany and a Master degree in natural resources management he started a small consultancy in 2017, travelling all over Europe. Since 2020 he puts theory into practice as a farm manager and one of three core developers at Gut Haidehof, close to the city of Hamburg.

Beratung & Projektentwicklung
Freiberufler, selbständig
Core-Team Gut Haidehof

Direktvermarktung & Vertrieb,  Weidemanagement und Projektentwicklung

Freiberuflich: Projektbesuche & Projektarbeit

verschiedene Betriebe: Produktionsoptimierung, Vertrieb & Marketing, bio-intensive Anbaumethoden, Microfarming

M. Sc. – Natural Ressources Management & Development
Schwerpunkt Farming Systems & Regenerative Landnutzung
Regenerative Grazing Systems
Permakultur, Systemtheorie & Vernetztes Denken
Financial Management Advisor

Finanzmanagement & Antikorruption


Projektentwicklung in Ost- und Süd-Afrika im Bereich der Wasserwirtschaft. Bauüberwachung, Planung & Design

Studium – Wirtschaftsingenieur Umwelttechnik
Schwerpunkt Wasserversorgung & Prozessoptimierung